Anyone See Loved Ones in their Dreams?!

I don’t recall dreaming of dead people but I have dreamed of alive people dying and that’s frighting as all get out.
My Mom dreams of people she knew who has passed all the time and sometimes I wonder if it’s because she’s old and closer to where they are; Meaning that she knows more loved ones on the other side than she does still alive. We’re an Asian family and she always thinks they’re trying to give her a message but I don’t believe in that so maybe that’s why I don’t dream of them. Why would they waste time coming to me in dreams if I’m not going to listen! Ha,ha!

Thank you for sharing! :highfive:

I guess my post would indicate I was talking of the deceased.. and sometimes they are there.. alas I have many people who’ve been apart.. some due to their own choices like drugs.. My nephews, due to family drama and their mother making the choice she felt appropriate which hurts.. like something I don’t have the words to express, as we were very connected.. who are now going to college 10 years later.. and becoming young men.. One of these days, I WILL celebrate with them!! My brother and several cousins lost to drugs but still living are often being searched for.. I know this is just my brain coping with reality on it’s terms and learning to be okay.. but sometimes, I just wanna go to sleep and let my dreams fill my heart.

Asian is such a broad term that describes a myriad of things including sometimes different belief systems about what happens before and after this life as we know it. I married first generation Korean American immigrant. While I am Christian first.. I understand there are MANY things I do not understand and as a seeker of truth.. I keep an open mind and hold EVERYTHING that crosses it to scrutiny. It’s exhausting, but the only way I know to survive. :hmm

My dreams are like practice sometimes! So many early morning wild life encounters there are.. bear, deer, fox.. to name a few off the top of my head. There are often ones that include checking domestic nests I’ve never actually seen before. Some are visiting the feed store, saying it out loud in my brain has me cracking up right now! :gig

It’s kinda funny that a young person thinks an old(er) person is closer to death then they are when the truth is none of us know with car wreck, falls, etc that happen every day. It’s possibly technically true though (MAYBE statistically as well) as far as there has been more time for hormones to go awry and cells to get the wrong signals, maybe more overall exposure to carcinogens etc.. We should all cherish each day as though it were our last.. or our loved ones’ last. Or our neighbors’ last! 💞

Please understand I mean NO rudeness and just having a discussion about the thoughts you posed and kinda where I stand on them.. but not as a judgement of such.

My scientific curiosity in this regard.. we are energy.. our bodies come from the earth, return to the earth.. energy..

Our thoughts are energy.. simply electric impulses firing that send neurons around our synapse.. lol, as IF I know what I’m saying.. I don’t really.. but that doesn’t stop me from pondering! :oops:

Dreams are perceived when we are asleep, during which time there are chemicals released that stop us from moving and being able to act them out.

I use the term perceived in my last statement because I realize there are more things I cannot perceive even with my eyes wide open and my mind is blown…

Are my dreams an alternate reality, another time line? Can’t be, without BYC! :wee

Admittedly, I have not YET seen BYC in my dreams.. and I ain’t selling ad space in there yet! :lol:

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