assisted hatch

hey, some peopel say dont open incubator when there zipping, they muight die, I told my parents but my parents did it anway

3 times, the last one just then, then my dad started puling of the shell, I said , if u see blood stuff,stop, bit abit agresive, coz I read be gentlye

so I had to take it off him, but anwyays

but still has bits of shell on it because the other shell or shrink wap looks to be too much stuck on him, I tried to take a peice of shell fromback of its neck, but it had a big reaction to that, so maybe leave it 3 hours before maybe even try again

I got stuf to do, but parents push me in these situations at last minute , n I have to keep helping otherwise I feel cause uncesary pain for chiks and ect
sory for complaining , sory n maybe ther doing good job n im being anoying, sory

anyways, here is a pic

I read some stuff, u help it alitle, then u wait 2 hours, maybe help it again

I only have not flat tweezer , I have slanted tweezer, but person said use finger nails

I told my mum to just hold in her hands for ages

what do I do now

here is pic of the shrink wrap? that is too stuck on him and the shell on back of its neck

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