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How do I make my adult ducks like me?

I have always wanted to make my ducks like me and want to the with me, I tried to spend time when they when they were young, but they would just run form me, and I though that wasn’t good, so I stopped. I have tried to not to act scary, and I spend lots of time with them when they were broody. They made progress, but then two of them got bumble foot, and I had to chase them to catch them, and it broke my heart that they were so scared. They are ounce again scared of me, and I am wondering if I can tame them so that they like me. A broody just hatched 3 ducklings, and I have tried to be kind to them, but since there momma, was very afraid of me, she kinda taught them to be too. Any ideas to see if I can get them to trust me? They are always so scared. Thanks, Avery


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Intro: Malkaris (Canada)

Hello! First time registering because I needed to ask a question myself! I’ve been reading tons of threads on this site and it’s been a big help so far.

(1) Are you new to chickens…
This is about my 8th year with chickens but this time is different: My mom died in the Spring of 2019 and she had a lot of experience (I’m an adult, she was just a great source of advice and a morning person!). Also this time I got unsexed heritage chicks. In the past I had sexed commercial layers, as did the local farm I used to work for. They had a rooster, we didn’t.

(2) How many chickens do you have right now?

(3) What breeds do you have? They’re mostly Orpington mixess with some Australorp and Maran.

(4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard chickens? I really liked my previous chickens but...

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Hi I’m Bob

At least I’m Bob when I’m here ;).

I’m shepherd to a small flock of chicks for about the last 7 years or so. They number about 6 on average, and have been a mix of Leghorn, Australorp, Orpington, Brahma, and a couple Polish just for fun. We currently have 5 birds: 2 semi-retired, a 3 yr old and a new pair of pullets just getting started. We’ve never raised chicks, always purchasing youngsters. They have a decent-sized coop, a medium-sized run, and when the dog is inside, the run of the yard (She loves ‘em, but way too much, I’m afraid).

Seven years has taught us a lot about keeping chickens but there’s always so much more to know. When I‘m looking for on-line advice, I almost always end up at this site, so I thought it was time to join up. Hello to all! Bob

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This sound!!??? What’s going on?

So- I have a flock of four that are all the same age and one started making these crazy noises about a week ago. Two days ago she laid her first egg and I have heard her also singing the egg song which was more of a bock-bock- bgawk!!! This one is different. Otherwise she’s acting totally fine and sweet. Anybody have any experience with this? Here’s a video. Sometimes she goes on for a bit longer and louder if you can believe it.

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Rehoming Special Needs Rooster- Scissors Cross Beak Easter Egger Bantam, Central Florida

We have a crossbeak rooster in need of a good home. He’s currently syringe fed a mix of liquid bird food each day. 6 months old and lives with an easter egger hen that has a milder crossbeak (she can eat feed from a deep feeder on her own).

Would love to find a home for them together, but willing to rehome just the rooster if someone can care for him properly. He’s a sweet little fellow that likes to be sung to while held and fed. We’ve been calling him Buckbeak, and his female friend is Peach Fuzz since she is a red peach color.

If you’re interested, we’re located in central Florida. Thank you!

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Is the voltage in my electric fence high enough for foxes?

Hi everyone! Just wondering how much voltage is required to keep out foxes?

My fence used to give off 5000 volts, but recently has gone down to 2000 volts after a nearby lightning strike. Is this still enough to keep the fox out? (I have tested the box itself, without the wires attached to confirm it wasn’t just an issue with the fence wires somewhere along the line.) Do I need to buy a new box? They are expensive and I’ve only had this one for 6 years. I figured it’d last longer than that?

A little more info:
My duck yards are 6 feet high and fenced in with chicken wire up the sides, out from the bottom, and also wired over the top. I’ve then had electric fencing up the sides of the pens, and one wire going around the top in some areas where needed...

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Buff Brahma is he a roo

We had thought he was a roo from very early on, goes by the name of Winston but now doubting ourselves as he is low in the pecking order, showing no signs of crowing and generally a very lovely bird, I am a complete novice so would love some expert opinions!

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Cluckingham Palace

I’m a newbie to this site. I ordered 15 chicks from Cackleberry Hatchery. Very pleased. I received 5 Cinnamon Queens, 4 Rhode Island Reds, 3 White Leghorns,
3 Easter Eggers and they included one extra chick which I do not know it’s breed ! Oh, and 15 are females and 1 Leghorn turned out to be a male ! I kept them f in my shower for the their first 4 weeks.. Worked out great. They are now in my new backyard coop.
I live in Palmetto Florida and I am a semi-retired veterinarian. I love this site. Continue to learn good ideas.

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Got to love these Old Coops….and Ohio weather!

My husband and I have been living on his grandparents farm for 8 years. This little farm has the properties original coop, and its a GREAT coop! Open front… 19′ x 20′ of coop space… and STILL structurally sound. Out of the last 8 years, we’ve had chickens in this building for 7 of those years. Not many… as few as 3… as many as 17, which we have currently. Over the last 7 yrs we have been…. remodeling it so to speak. New walls, a run, and so on… this summer’s job was going to be a new roof. We have been so careful not to put too many “eggs in the basket” and spend all our money at once! With a coop this large… it can get expensive… and QUICK! Even our run was, in my opinion, way too much money, but we did it right the first time...
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What Are Your Chickens Named After?

I just wondered what everybody else is naming their chickens after, such as favorite TV show characters, food items, etc. I named my first group of hens names that all end with the letter a, and my second group is named mostly after anime characters. Lol, show me your best names!

I’ll list a few of my best ones: Gatorade, Powerade, Gucci, Mohawk, George, Pedro, and Jolene.
Duck names: Poptart, Chenga, Jolene, Dots, and Jonald

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