I have been looking for a website like this for horse for a bit now! I have been on BYC for a while now, and has learned so much! I wanted a website like this, that I could post and learn of horses, so when I found Backyard herds, I was stocked! I immediately went to register! I signed in with my email, and other required info, and was waiting for the confirmation email to come, and it never came. I resent it like 10 times, and checked my email for misspelling like 10 times, but still no email. I even created another email account, and tried that email, and it still hasn’t come! Could it be my internet? I waited all day for it and still never saw it! I tried making another account on BYH but never saw an email either. I really want to sign up so I can learn and help others, but I can’t without that conformation email! If any of you guys can help me out then I would appreciate it! Love this site! Avery :love