I dont know if this qualifies as a poultry show! But in this show, I wan tall the horse owners to enter, and show off there horses! Any age, any breed, jus upon entering tell me the horses, name, breed, age, and gender! I don’t know how may horse owners are on this site so I hope theres enough of first second and third place! And feel free to enter a video of you horse! Videos can be of-your horse trotting, loping around an arena or field. You riding them, or them just doing something cute, funny or quirky! This will give me an idea of your horses personality! I am excited to see videos and pictures!


1- Fillies and colts!
2- Horses all solid colors!– horses with blazes, and boots, still qualify for this category, just as long as they have no, patches spots, or market not her body!

3- Multi colored breeds!
4- Grulla, Grullo, and buckskin like colors!
5- All miniture ponies!

Have fun! And please enter!