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Chicken Grunting – Translation?

Oh man, that makes so much sense! A literally just found the buff orphington in the nest box tonight! Thank you for your answer.

I just thought they were still so young haha. Wishful father thinking maybe. Looks like I’ll have to cage her tomorrow and break it early!

Although my heart explodes when I think of possibly getting her a little chick to adopt…

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Chucks have stopped eating their feed

My hens have stopped eating their feed and I don’t know why. They had stopped eating their pellets and I had not changed their brand , so I moved to mixed corn which they ate well but since they have gone into moult they have stopped eating anything from their feeders, they wander round the garden and eat the grass but nothing else really even if I give them treats, meal worm they don’t really eat them but a few pecks . I have put Vitamins in their water to try and help.l am very worried, does anyone know why this could be or can help me? Is there enough in the grass for them? They are behaving out of sorts

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Pure Black Orpington?

Yes. They will. I have three Black: Lavender Split Orpingtons which are all pullets that are now 20-21 weeks old. DOB is May 18 or 19th I believe and I can show you some pics I took of them on arrival while we removed legbands and then of them a few weeks later as they were becoming a little more mature and getting some of their feathers in and while still in the brooder yet but had learned to roost and perch. Seen what I mean about them being flock guardians and always worried about being separated from their sisters more than anything beyond food or other activities etc. they have a cow when separated from the flock. They do not like it one bit. They also are solid black with a beautiful green sheen to their feathers than really enhances them...

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I have two pavlovskaya hatched from chicks about 15 weeks ago. First seemed to be pullets but now growing what I think are saddle feathers. They are daft chickens indeed – have had trouble finding a lot of information on them, they seem to be uncommon particularly in USA where the ‘polish’ (related breed?) seems to be more common?

Really nice feather pattern and hairdos though.

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Hello, the mother rejected this baby but accepted her other one. Weird! anyway I have been raising her/him since the day (Peabody) was hatched. Born July 25,2020 Do you think this is a male or female I can get any kind of picture you need as Peabody is very very tame Being hand raised and by my side all the time. Thank you so much

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What spider is that?

I’d just call it a “garden spider” too. Generally they want bugs to land there for dinner. Yes, quite big, but not typically aggressive to us. If it was near to the human pathways, I would be inclined to take a stick and remove web and spider and transport to a more appropriate area away from where I would walk, but I wouldn’t kill it.

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Thoughts on quail for personal meat production?

We have our egg flock and occasionally incubate a batch of eggs for meat. we raise jumbo browns, but pretty much by accident got some blue egg layers and others along the way. That’s ok, they all taste the same — deeeee-lish!!!

the glory of these wonderful little birds is that they are approximately 2 months from egg-to-egg or egg-to-table. 17 days of incubation, then ready to process after another 6 weeks of high-protein feed. Our current batch heads for the freezer on Saturday.

I’m not a huge eater so one is a meal for me. My husband and son eat 1-2 each. Soooo good grilled or roasted. The eggs are also really good for cooking and baking.

if you can handle butchering chickens, quail should be no problem. They’re easier and faster IMO...

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Already addicted!

I’ve been on this Chicken Forum on and off for 12 days now day and night and have gleaned and absorbed so much info from many posts from numerous members on an assortment of topics. I just want to say to all of you THANK YOU for your KNOWLEDGE and LOVE you share for and about CHICKENS! My first baby chicks are about a week away from being delivered! I have built a brooder box and have purchased the things needed to care for them. I am making a nipple waterer tomorrow and have 2 8’x8′ chicken runs that I purchased from Tractor Supply already delivered. My coop should be delivered in about 4 weeks. It is 8:48 p.m. and I am sitting on my covered deck in TN and it has been raining all day. I hope it stops raining tomorrow so I can get to work on building the foundation for my coop and runs...
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Dirt floor extended run…advice

When I’ve set up my runs I haven’t started with shavings, I’ve started with dirt, then that mulchy leaf litter stuff that’s basically a mix of dirt, leaf bits, bits of bark, etc. It works great and mine love to scratch in it.

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What is everyone paying for 50# of chicken grower feed

All my food is expensive, $30+ per bag, so everything else seems like a bargain to me. :)

I do not leave feed out at night so as to not tempt rodents.

Scratch is a treat and not adequate substitute for feed.

How much feed are you going through a week, or a month? I refill a 7 lb feeder about once every 5-6 days, plus a little more (9-10 lbs) in fermented feed, and buy 2 bags of feed about every 6 weeks. That’s for 11 birds.

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