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Carbaryl use??

We’re having a terrible time with lice. I’ve tried DE; it didn’t do much. I’ve done a lot of reading on Sevin and get mixed answers so I have some questions!
Is this the correct one?
Has anyone used this before?
I attached the active ingredients in both.


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I’m hatching chicks for a friend. They’re ‘supposed’ to be pure…

Just hatched these today for a friend. He was expecting pure Barred Rock, pure Rhode Island Red, and Americanas. I know Americanas are mixed anyways.

The yellow ones look like they have some brownish/red fluff although it’s not very visible in the pics.

Can any of you confirm the breeds of these chicks?

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Im confused on the breed.

Ok so I posted a thread i think a day or so back and I was asking what type of hen she was and at first I thought It was a Jersey Giant because she’s huge. But somebody else told me she was a Saphire Gem. Im not so sure about that though. She lays a different colored egg then the Saphires do.

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Sustainability in the garden

Hello from West Michigan (zone 5)! Self sufficiency is our goal too, and the chickens are helping with that. I’ve gardened for many years; not enough to not have to go to the store, but enough to give us some fresh/canned food year round. This has been a very good year in my garden.

Here is some of what I have learned.

WRITE STUFF DOWN! Next spring when you get all those beautiful catalogs, it is easy to fall into the starry-eyed trap of buying too much. Write down what worked and especially what DIDN’T work. Let’s face it, those catalog pictures are flat out garden porn, and I am easily seduced.

Grow what grows well in your space/climate. Sounds like, um, duh! But some things just don’t do well for me, or well enough to warrant the space...

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Silkies tag-teaming the 2 batches of eggs.

I’ll play.
1. let nature take it’s course. The hens will leave the nest when they decide to with any hatched chicks.
2. Mark all eggs and remove any new ones to prevent stretching this out.
3. Do you like balut?
4. Wait until you see draw down starting. Segregate the drawing down eggs from the not yet eggs. Use 2 dog crates. Not sure if they should be close or across the yard from each other to prevent confusion. Out of sight feels right.
5. Pull all eggs. Put in incubator and wait. introduce hatched chicks as they dry.

Best wishes.

PS – butcher cockerels at first crow. Check them for pin feathers first. Else skin them and make gumbo.

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HELP! URGENT: Day 19 w/low humidity – KEBONNIXS

Hi all! This is my first time hatching eggs. So far the two Kebonnix incubators I bought seem to be working great. Yesterday I started lockdown and took out the egg turning unit and trying to increase humidity. The highest I seem to be able to get it up to is 64% but, it hovers closer to 57-61%. I raised my indoor temperature to 78F and put a large laundry basket with the holes over the top of the incubators and then put a towel over the top of the basket, leaving a few holes along the front, bottom exposed. This gets me the highest humidity at 64%. Any other tips to get the humidity levels up? I’ve filled it passed the fill line — which it states to do during lockdown.
I was re-reading the manual (which is VERY POORLY written!) and noticed there are two very small, dark, blurry images sh...

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What Breed?

Hi! I just got a couple new chickens from a friend but she wasn’t sure what Breed they were. One I know is a RIR but the other I’m not so sure. After a quick Google I’m thinking maybe golden comet but would love to know what you guys think.

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Rescuing abandoned chickens.

Hi all, I would love some input on rescuing some abandoned chickens. We live out in the country and currently have only 3 Australorps. We have been planning to get 4-5 chicks come spring. Right now we just have a chicken coop and run that is more than adequate for our 3 hens but certainly not big enough to add more and there is no option for quarantine with our existing space. Our plan has been to build a bigger coop and a lot bigger run in Spring, when we get more chicks.

Yesterday, a neighbor, who lives 6 miles down the road, stopped to say “hi” and mentioned she thinks there are some abandoned chickens living under a bridge down the road. She isn’t chicken savvy and I love rescuing animals so I went with her to look. Sure enough, there are 4 hens...

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Need ideas to restrict a glutton duck

I have to separate my ducks for mealtime. Two eat one food, the third is on a special diet to prevent egg laying. The entire process takes about 10 minutes. We have a section of their aviary fenced off with a little gate. Two are trained to go in, we open the door and they go right in. They each have a water bucket and food near each other on either side. They are completely comfortable with the process, even though they are a bonded flock.

If you choose to separate them, I would put Fatti in the new space for mealtime, not the other bird, and have their dishes as close to each other as possible. Be aware Fatti might try to eat through the wire so the other bowl might need to be a little further away!

Birds can have health problems from being overweight, and if you really can’t find the...

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Please Help! 6 Barred Rock boys?

Good Afternoon,

I purchased 6 Barred Rock “pullets” from tractor supply. They are 6 weeks now and all of them are starting to get small waddles. Most of their combs are still yellow for the most part. there is one that is a bit redder than the rest, but not by much. Did I get stuck with 6 roos?

(Photo of yellow/copper chick is for reference, he is 6 weeks also and his comb/waddles are much larger than the Barred, but i dont know his breed)

Thank you so much for your time!

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