Chicken Breed Focus – Buckeye

2015 has been a year where I haven’t exhibited due to the AI outbreak. I figured after a great 5 year run and accomplishments, a break would be a great thing. 2016 will be a new year and I can’t wait to show the young males I raised this year along with a couple of my young cocks! Really exceptional type birds for the breed.
It surprises me that more people aren’t contributing to this thread considering the “interest” and “love” for this buckeye. 2008-2013 the discussions regarding the buckeye were colorful to say the least. Multiple internet jockeys debating many different views and concepts surrounding this breed. Some actually useful and others hogwash. The depth in content, heated discussions, crying and behind the scenes lobbying where a weekly occurrence. Like any breed, I feel that there were a great deal of “fad propagators” more so than actually breeders that cared more about the online drama than the breed itself on both sides of a debate. Still today I believe the overall health of the buckeye is struggling and until people concentrate on that, the breed will never get passed the other more established breeds. When bred properly, the buckeye can easily trump any breed in the American class. That coupled with great table attributes and above average egg production truly makes for an exceptional breed!

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