Been doing chickens since 2016. I keep between 10 and 18 hens. My run is 15‘ x 45’ outside the 10’ x 14’ coop. It used to have grass. Now, even the dirt is disappearing.
Our feed store downtown will sell chicks one at a time and brings in different breeds every Friday.
I buy 3 or 4 chicks every few months. The chicks start life in a chicken tractor I built from a picture in Pinterest. I won’t be getting any more Silver Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, or Easter Eggers. Them are just ugly chickens. I like the Barred Rocks, Delaware, and various colors of sex links. My newest chicks are Blue Austalorps and Blue Plymouth Rocks.
I love fried eggs. My secret ingredient is garlic salt And fresh ground pepper.
I live in Olympia, WA city limits. I am a nurse, last year for a school district. Until I took that job, I didn’t know nurses didn’t always work weekends. Then COVID.