Two of my hens started “crowing”. Something like an unexperienced rooster. The funny thing is that both are black stars. One has gone broody and the second one (the first to start crowing) is laying eggs, so they aren;t roos. They even bent their necks like roosters. Idk if it is some kind of disease (the broody one is squeeking, like something is stuck in her throat, but i couldn’t see anything). The laying one’s sinuses arent sunken like chickens sinuses should be, but they arent swollen. They are like a straight line leading to eyes. No foamy eyes, no discharge, but as i noticed she’s drinking weird. She closes her eyes, puts her head higher than other hens and she’s somettimes seen with her eyes closed. Any idea about crowing and the second one?
PS. the laying one isn’t skinny. She’s normal i would say.