Got to love these Old Coops….and Ohio weather!

My husband and I have been living on his grandparents farm for 8 years. This little farm has the properties original coop, and its a GREAT coop! Open front… 19′ x 20′ of coop space… and STILL structurally sound. Out of the last 8 years, we’ve had chickens in this building for 7 of those years. Not many… as few as 3… as many as 17, which we have currently. Over the last 7 yrs we have been…. remodeling it so to speak. New walls, a run, and so on… this summer’s job was going to be a new roof. We have been so careful not to put too many “eggs in the basket” and spend all our money at once! With a coop this large… it can get expensive… and QUICK! Even our run was, in my opinion, way too much money, but we did it right the first time. The roof was going to cost us close to 3k to replace because we would need help and its HUGE!. So when the weather warms and steadys…. a new roof …………..

until yesterday…………….. :barnie

The wind speeds have been ridiculous for about 3 days… and the rain. Im kind of OVER the rain! Temps up and down….. ugh…. a total mess! BUT with this storm, the wind direction changed and has blow from the south east for 2 days. My coop faces SouthEast….. my coop is an open front….. I had never seen weather blow directly into this coop! (there is ALWAYS a first):th

The look on these birds was one of shear disgust! Not one of them was happy as they were roosting on a rafter above the window…. so I got to work by covering windows. By supper time…. the roof began to flap…. and flap….and flap. The floor was WET! So, at 7pm, I make a flying run to get more shavings and the husband begins clamping down the roof…. (Clamping because some of the wood rafters will need replaced as well). By 10pm, we had all the drafts under control, roof clamped back on, chicken bedded down…. still looking at me like a servant they wouldn’t lower themselves to look at let alone talk to…. and me texting the roofer on moving the job forward. This coronacation is JUST about to end me!!!!

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