Green leg?

My chicken Valkyrie has stopped walking completely on one leg and that leg has now turned greenish it wasn’t green before and her other leg is not green. she first stopped walking 2 days ago. She is about 5 years old. She is her normal weight. No other birds are exhibiting the same symptoms There are no broken bones there is no bleeding. She is missing a scale near the top of her leg which is what the higher bandage is for. I have no idea what could have caused this. She has been eating and drinking regularly. Her poop looks normal. Yesterday, I treated her for bumble foot, (which she had) and I successfully removed the eschar. Today when I went to check on her and change her bandages, her leg was green. She has been sitting in grass half the time and pine shavings the rest of the time. I want to treat her myself. I dont believe we have an avian an avian vet in the area. I really dont want to have to put her down, but if i have to i will. I want to keep her leg. shes my pet and I love her.

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