Hatching pictures, videos, and slideshows

Sorry for the delay! Here are some of my pics.

This is a duckling, it was very dried out and shrink wrapped. You can see how yellow the membrane is, and there’s some bruising. This one was assisted.


Here’s a malpositioned chick, it pipped onthe pointy end. There’s a bit of blood, it had nicked a small vein. It took an extra 12 hours to hatch since the external pip was also the internal pip, but it hatched on its own just fine.


Here’s my quail chick, zipping and then hatching. It happened so fast I couldn’t get any other pics. I love that you can see how serrated the zip is in the pic.


Here’s a pic of all of my guineas hatching. The thermometer in this pic is wrong, but the humidity reading was accurate so I left it in. There’s lots going on in this pic, one has an open air cell, I was assisting him. He was very malpositioned, his foot was over his head and his head was facing the pointy end. Almost all of the others had hatched already.


Here’s an externally pipped duck egg.


And last pic (for now) is of my quail hatching. There were several pipped and one in the early stages of zipping. The one egg has nail polish on it, these were shipped eggs and that one was cracked upon arrival. I gave him a chance, and he hatched! You can see a pip on top of his nail polish egg in the pic.



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