Hello everybody long story short…My neighborhood Muskovy ducks was killed by coyotes but she left eight eggs behind they were alone for approximately 10 hours and it was very hot…One egg was cracked and the rotten and three were not good I have four left but they look totally different two are much smaller and they turning dark outside and also I know there’s moisture inside membrance …I separate them from other two which they look totally white and clean and bigger…I have no idea how far they are I have done 12 days and I think she sit on them approximately two weeks however I think they from different time laying …I’m concerned about this 2 eggs …She was approx seven Years old duck and a male she made with was Swedish duck…I’ve been having them whole time on heating pad miss them three times a day and turn them three times a day temperature is between 97 to 100…I was using her feathers to cover them…I’m not sure if those two duckling died or is normal? Thank u for any help 🌹

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