Help for a very special baby 🐣

Long story short; my daughter Kerin had a very special chicken named Gohan, who was literally a pet. Her “baby”. After Kerin passed away last year (she had heart, liver, and kidney failure, and she was only 19), Gohan was left in my care, along with Kerins other 20 or so chickens 🐓 and one very tiny roo, who was supposed to be a capon. Four weeks ago, a rabid skunk got into my coop (I had wires dig down two feet, plus large stones, gravel, soil, and grass) … everywhere except under the door frame … it somehow figured this out 🥺. I heard the ruckus, killed the skunk (one shot to the head with a pellet gun), and went to collect the babies of the chickens killed. My white silkie, Ivory, was dead, but when I picked up Gohan, she was still alive and barely breathing. I treated her wounds, nurtured her, and did my best to keep her comfortable. After three days, she laid an egg, and by the next morning she was gone. On a whim, I put the egg in my incubator, praying against the odds, that somehow there would be viable life … and there was! Seems our capon, is at least partially intact, surprise. I also put several fertile eggs (from another farmer) so this baby wouldn’t grow up alone, and so there would still be a baby, should this fail. This past Monday, against the odds, a tiny blessing made its entry into this world. I’ve named her Neveah, since she’s been up and down all week. Heaven sent her back, from my sweet Kerin. She was born to quickly (her doing, not mine) and still had some yolk attached, when she came out. Nothing could do but watch her, and hope it absorbed.
The first day after she hatched, she seemed to be doing OK, although she was somewhat lethargic, even for a new chick. She hopped around, she took fluids (vitamins mixed with pedialyte), and seemed to be doing OK. On Tuesday, the second, third, and fourth chick hatched. Neveah, started to decline. Wednesday and Thursday she didn’t open her eyes, she didn’t get up, and although I continued giving her fluids every two hours, I honestly thought I was going to lose her. Then, at 3:53 this morning, however, she opened her eyes perked up popped out of my hand and jumped around on the table. I thought to myself, either she’s getting that last burst of energy before passing or maybe she’s made a turnaround. I continue giving her fluids, put her back in with the other chicks who are eating well and drinking on their own, and she seems to be doing OK, except now I’ve found another issue. She’s got a little bit of fluid built up around her belly. I’m worried that because she hasn’t taken in any solid nutrition, she may still not be out of the woods yet, even though she’s hopping around just fine. I cleaned her belly, and looked for signs of infection. It’s not red, hot, or swollen, so I don’t think it’s an infection, just a little water pocket. Also, her color is good, as for oxygen and blood flow, which makes me think it might not be waterbelly either. I know it’s too soon to really tell, but at the same time I know birds go quick, and show few signs. My fear is, if it’s waterbelly, she’s only going to continue to decline and suffer, unless I can continue draining her regularly. She would literally die the same way my daughter did. I don’t want her to suffer, but I also don’t want to loose her after she’s fought so hard to live, please advise; thank you

first picture was taken of Kerin, with Gohan just a few days before she died, the second is Neveah. She’s wet, because she fell into her water dish, 😝 which I’ve since removed. View attachment 2338864 View attachment 2338865

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