Hi I’m Bob

At least I’m Bob when I’m here ;).

I’m shepherd to a small flock of chicks for about the last 7 years or so. They number about 6 on average, and have been a mix of Leghorn, Australorp, Orpington, Brahma, and a couple Polish just for fun. We currently have 5 birds: 2 semi-retired, a 3 yr old and a new pair of pullets just getting started. We’ve never raised chicks, always purchasing youngsters. They have a decent-sized coop, a medium-sized run, and when the dog is inside, the run of the yard (She loves ‘em, but way too much, I’m afraid).

Seven years has taught us a lot about keeping chickens but there’s always so much more to know. When I‘m looking for on-line advice, I almost always end up at this site, so I thought it was time to join up. Hello to all! Bob


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