I have always wanted to make my ducks like me and want to the with me, I tried to spend time when they when they were young, but they would just run form me, and I though that wasn’t good, so I stopped. I have tried to not to act scary, and I spend lots of time with them when they were broody. They made progress, but then two of them got bumble foot, and I had to chase them to catch them, and it broke my heart that they were so scared. They are ounce again scared of me, and I am wondering if I can tame them so that they like me. A broody just hatched 3 ducklings, and I have tried to be kind to them, but since there momma, was very afraid of me, she kinda taught them to be too. Any ideas to see if I can get them to trust me? They are always so scared. Thanks, Avery