i’m deleting my account

I had the same experience in a different group. I no longer post in the group but I stay to see any good advice others may post. If nothing else please stay here for that. The other group was a rabbit group. :bun In that group I had one man compare my rabbit set up to “Bunny Auschwitz.” My rabbits have full access to all of my house but if I have to confine them they have a 6 foot long, 3 feet high, multi level, custom built “condo” with 2 litter boxes, lots of cubbyholes to lay in, toys and food and water. But ya know. I’m hitler to rabbits. :confused: Some people just get on the internet to belittle complete strangers because Daddy did not hug them enough as a child. :smack Just remember in real life most of these people wouldn’t have the guts to say it to your face. They are mean because no one can see them. Report their abuse. Do not let them get away with it. :duc Most of us are nice and genuinely wish to help. :hugs we are here for you sweetie.


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