My new gals join the flock

So i rehomed 2 new chickens. Mango is a warren/RIR mix 11 months old. Brownie is a BO 18 months old has disability with her foot apparently stopped laying 2 months ago. So a few questions if poss ☺
1) mango has loss of feathering on her back dont think its moulting think would been overmating where it is. What can i do to get her in better condition?
2) Brownie stopped laying 2 months ago when her sister died do u think she lay again? If so how do i help her?
3) they were all fine over nite but my 7 month pullets all pecking new ones and chasing them off but also starting to peck each other which they dont normally do are they trying to establish a pecking order? Do i only intervene if theres injury? How long can this last up to?
Lastly heres pics of my new girls ☺☺
Thanks in advance for ur help
Sam xxx

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