I need urgent advice. I hope someone with knowledge will reply asap. Thank you.

This will be my second time to incubate eggs.
My first lot is in lockdown .
I ordered 30 fertile quail eggs online from southwest game birds. It was supposed to arrived Thursday 7/30. So I ordered incubator from Amazon to be delivered Friday 7/31 aka today. So the eggs can rest for one day narrow side down.
The eggs were delivered Wednesday. One day early. I received 36 eggs.
I candle the eggs. 19 was super fresh with no air cell at all. 8 with minimal attached air cell. 3 have detached air cell with tiny bubbles. 3 saddled. 2 has a dark dot inside and 1 unknown.
(I learned all these terms from reading hundreds of blog before I actually try.)

Amazon emailed me to let me know that the incubator will be delayed and deliver on Tuesday 8/4.
Now I have eggs sitting on my kitchen counter since Wednesday. My house temperature is around 74-78 degrees farenheit.
Will my eggs survive until Tuesday?
I still have to set it up and let it run for couple hours.
Please advise on best course of action.
Thank you