Newbie needing help quickly please!

those pics are much better. It is hard to see the vent in the second one to see if it is prolapsed as it is covered in poop. in the first pic it looks OK (except for the bleeding)

You need to clean her up a bit, not least because flies will start to bother her and you don’t want them laying their eggs and hatching maggots in the vent area or feathers below it. Just dunk her butt in some warm water, and then dry her off when she is clean, she doesnt need a whole body bath. If she is egg bound, a warm soak can help anyway.

if she has a prolapse then it is small and you can push it in and apply some haemorrhoid cream to shrink it. I cannot tell from those pics though yet.

if you pick her up and put one hand under her abdomen and press your fingers gently upward towards her pelvis between her legs, you may feel a hard round lump which is an egg in transit. warm soaks and vaseline or olive oil inside the vent can help ease it out.

I’m more concerned about the blood tbh. This could be a sign of disease like coccidiosis. Perhaps @Eggcessive or @Wyorp Rock can help and certainly know all the right questions to ask you.

How old is she?

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