Late blooming boy or fast developing girl?

Well, the title basically says it all. I had no trouble sexing his/her 4 full siblings, but this one so confuses me. Beware, lots of pics.
Here’s a 3 week pic


4 week pic


5 week pic


And now the 9 week pics. These are current.


Here’s him/her on the left, next to his/her sister.


This is him/her preening


Him/her left middle, sister Ivy in the back and sister Lilac in the front.


And hin/her on the log behind Raven, who’s the same age and all boy.


Thanks in advance! Curious to see what all you experts think. @Overo Mare @TheOddOneOut @Gray Farms @Rhodebar Lover

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My ducks bills looks bruised but Im not sure, please help!

When I put my ducks back into their pen for the night I noticed that one of them has a bruise with a cut but, it’s not bleeding and he can do everything he usually does so, I’m not sure if it’s an emergency or not. Please answer if you know if its fatal or not. (Sorry, if I sound unreasonable im just a very easily worried duck mom)


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Possibly blind chicken, does this sound like Marek’s?

I noticed this EE hen acting a little “off” two or three days ago and have been watching her closely. By “off” I mean she has not been as active as the others, has been hanging back at scratch time, self-isolating, low energy. She’s molting, is about two years old. Her eyes seem unusually dark, as if the pupils are fully dilated. Today she couldn’t seem to locate the gate to go out. So after they all roosted DH and I went out and checked her out. On shining a light into her eyes, the pupil refected back grey, almost opaque white. Other chickens’ pupils shine black and normal. Her eye does not look deformed, keyhole shaped, but the pupil did not contract from the light. We isolated her and will conduct further tests in the morning: crop, belly, swelling, weight, etc...

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How the heck… quail CAME BACK after THREE MONTHS!

One evening, I stupidly opened the coop door a bit while it was outside, to refill water. Kelsey, probably the fastest bird in the world, got out. Couldn’t find where she went.

“What the…”

Three months later, she came back!! I have no idea how she found me. I found her under the patio stairs. Is this a miracle or somethin?

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How to Protect Your Birds From Hazardous Smoke Levels????

I sure hope we get more ideas. I have a guest bathroom I could put her in. I’m concerned about the high temps, too. I can close my house up and put a furnace filter on the back of a box fan. My portable air conditioner doesn’t have a good filter. We just don’t use air conditioners very often up here.

How is it there where you are now? Best wishes for you and your flock 🙏

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Hello from sunny Australia


We have had 2 x chickens (Australorp, bought as point of lay) for 4yrs up until recently, they’ve gone to a friend’s house to live out a nice life on acreage. The change has coinsided with School holidays starting here has prompted me to go for chicks! Now thinking silkies as our OG chickens weren’t very friendly and kids (4 &6yo) were always a bit miffed they didn’t want to cuddle.

I have some concerns, raising 1-2wk old chicks. They will be inside initially, garage or laundry. Thinking 5 will be ok in our tractor coop. Although the coop is up off the ground (Omlet Eglu Up and GO with 2m run) wondering if silkies can manage that? And at what age… Any input appreciated 😊


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Broken or sprain?

Hello All. Yesterday my buff duck hurt herself. Not sure how but she had a pretty bad limp. Now she doesn’t want to put any pressure on it at all. She has been in a cage during the day and in the coop at night. She doesnt move in the coop so feel comfortable with this. I dont feel a break but not totally sure. She is enjoying a warm bath now but isnt really using the injured leg to move around. Not the best picture of the leg. Any advice on how to know if it is a break?


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Respiratory infection help

It sounds like there might be mycoplasma gallisepticum or MG with the swollen eye. The LA200 might treat that, and other antibiotics are Tylosin, doxycycline, Denagard available sometimes online for pigeons. MG is a chronic disease, and can come and go throughout life. The flock should be closed since most of your chickens may test positive. Here is some reading about MG:… Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) Infecti….pdf

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Listless, shivering, shallow breathing

Sorry about your pullet, but so glad that she seems to be perking up. How old is she? Has she ever laid an egg yet? She looks pretty young though. Could she have been injured by a rooster or others? Besides cooked egg, most chickens will peck at chick feed made wet with warm water, tuna, and canned cat food. Those can get more fluids into her. What do her droppings look like? Coccidiosis could be a concern if she is having runny poops. That is treated with Corid, but I would continue to water and electrolytes, or some Poultry NutriDrench.

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Single duck with chicken flock?

So, I had ducks growing up and they were the sweetest pets. I adored them, and they me, and everything was amazing. This winter, I got two as day old ducklings, to add to my flock of 6 chickens. I was so excited! I was excited for duck eggs and duck shenanigans and all things duck! Turned out that instead of getting 2 females, we had one male and one female. Fast forward to now, and honestly – we cannot stand the female. She is the loudest thing I have ever experienced. Mine never made this much noise as a kid! It is obscene! We cannot even open our window and she starts quacking, incessantly, so loudly that people 2 streets over can hear her (And do complain). She wakes our neighbors up at the crack of dawn...

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