Calling All Buff Orpington Lovers!

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This is the most recent picture of my BO I could find. She is a JERK, and a PIG, and a WORD I CANT SAY, and MEAN, and SMELLY, and RUDE. I love her to bits, though she is not nice to me or the other chickens. She attacked my cockerel for food today, after she had just emptied out the feeder. As I have said before, she is a PIG. A rude, rude, pig.

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Could I get a bantam silkie?

Kwik question??? what is your desire to produce bantam sikie crosses with your other LF chickens :idunno
Imagine a bantam silkie mounting your LF chickens, is compared to a Chihuahua mounting a Great Dane.:old,,,, HARD WORKOUT….:gig
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and:welcome

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16 Week Old Egg Laying


I bought my chickens (ISA BROWN) from tractor supply on May 24th, 2020 (I live in New England). I noticed one was starting to squat when I went near her. Looked it up, realized she was basically going to be laying eggs soon. So on the 11th of September we received our first egg. We got about 4 normal eggs out of her, and the rest have been soft shell.

She usually lays one everyday (being soft shell or hard). The last egg she laid on the 17th was a soft shell and you could see the yolk inside. But she did not lay one yesterday (Sept 18th, or this morning Sept 19th). She is the ONLY Hen laying right now (one other started crouching when I go near her too). All chickens have been eating fine, drinking fine & acting normal.

I attached a picture of the last egg on September 17th.

Is t...

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chki hatched 1 hour ago, need info on brooder, no heat lamp , what food

thanks, we dont aces right now of any food to buy

brought from the other chickens but smashed up abit is bad?

use paper twoels for bedding?

right now there is like a liltle towel in there, ima bout to take out the twoel and add paper tweols

I herad they poop alot ,

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d’anver lovers,discuss the breed and post some pics!

O kay, this seems to be where everyone is going to , to place breed specific topics, and show off their birds. So, I love d’anvers, have 17 colors of them currently. So lets see ’em, post anything d’anver related here, questions, pics, stories…would love to see them and here about them.
Here are just a few of ours, will get more up soon

millie fluer


lavender cuckoos

Blue Quail

Silver Quail


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BUYER BEWARE…. RentACoop products

Do you have some pics of what you rented?

Maybe someone on here could help you figure out what is wrong and help you fix it instead of a customer service. Since your very first post is complaining about a rental coop service, it makes me think the problem might be on your end since you can afford to buy it instead of rent it.

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Broody mommas poultry show! Show me your momma’s and her brood in this comp! Ends Sept. 27th!

For this comp, you can enter any backyard bird! So chickens, ducks, pigeons, any kind or poultry or waterfowl! I want to see you mommas, with hatched babies, not a momma who is sitting on eggs, or eggs you incubated. Tell me the name, breed, age, and gender, of momma, and all or some of her babies, depending on how many babies she has! I think this will be really fun! The comp ends on September 27th, I am looking forward to see your precious broodies!

1- Chicken mommas!
2- Waterfowl mommas!
3- Other fowl mommas!- This is Turkeys, Quail, Pigeons, etc.

Have fun with this! I am very excited!

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What did you plant as an experiment this year that you WON”T be planting again?

I’m in western WA, zone 8B. Lots of rain in fall and spring, dry but generally not overly hot summers, some snow in winter.

Busts for the year:
– Monstrueux de Viroflay Spinach. Don’t know if it was just the seeds I got or what, but I couldn’t get these to germinate for anything. Probably put a good 50 seeds in the ground and got maybe 10% germination? And then slugs immediately ate whatever popped up. Meanwhile my 3 year old Bloomsdale spinach seeds still showed decent germination, like 50%, and the plants grew quickly enough that I had some spinach to harvest.
– Hedou Tiny Bok Choy. “Tiny” being the key word. Too tiny to do much with, and then instantly bolts at first sign of heat. Can’t really harvest anything from the bolted plants because the leaves are so tiny in the first place...

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Well this is going to be fun!

Hey! Found a small tiny cream egg in the run a few hours ago! It was warm, so I wondered if it was laid by one of my chickens as a false egg (you know, a little blip in their system). I have no incubator. Just a heat lamp. Should I try this? Yes. I surfed the web and found some great ideas. So now, a tiny little egg is sitting in a damp warm sock with a heat lamp overhead. I have no thermometer or anything. This is just total luck :fl. What if it hatches?! Oh my…this is going to be fun. What if it doesn’t…such an embarrassment. No pics yet, if I can I’ll get some. Small, cream egg, 2 cm. I will definitely give you guys updates on what happens. I’m kinda both nervous and excited! After 4 days I’ll check for signs of life...

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Cannoli Opinions: Yes or no?

  • Like it with chocolate chips

  • No chocolate chips

  • Ugh. Cannoli *barfs*

  • Me and cannoli have our good days and our bad days (sometimes you like it sometimes you don’t)

  • A special filling/ shell (comment what it is)

  • Never had one!

Results are only viewable after voting.

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