Pure Black Orpington?

Yes. They will. I have three Black: Lavender Split Orpingtons which are all pullets that are now 20-21 weeks old. DOB is May 18 or 19th I believe and I can show you some pics I took of them on arrival while we removed legbands and then of them a few weeks later as they were becoming a little more mature and getting some of their feathers in and while still in the brooder yet but had learned to roost and perch. Seen what I mean about them being flock guardians and always worried about being separated from their sisters more than anything beyond food or other activities etc. they have a cow when separated from the flock. They do not like it one bit. They also are solid black with a beautiful green sheen to their feathers than really enhances them. They are gorgeous birds and some tiny white spots on their chest but very tiny. Their legs and feet, beak, ears, and eyes are all black. The toenails are very long on my Orpingtons and grow much faster in them versus my other girls. That’s a personal observation from one who had a hand opened by one recently. So be warned. In the box pics I just had them sunning in this it was not my brooder box. I just had them in it temporarily for a few minutes while I cleaned their brooder pen inside my house. I was using a huge dog kennel at the time for a brooder pen which worked well.


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