Rooster Hormonal Stage

I have had a Ameraucana rooster for a few weeks now and he has never crowed or made something louder than a cluck. We got him at about 5 or 6 months old. Yesterday morning however he was just crowing away and trying to start fights with the dogs. I put a crow collar on him but he got it off and proceded to yell at the dogs from the coop. I put it back on and he hasn’t gotten it off again but he is still trying to pick fights and running like the devil is after him when I go to put him up for the night. He seems more intelligent than the average chicken and I don’t want to cull him so does this ‘hormonal stage’ ever end? I really hope it does because I don’t want to kill my pretty boy.

I wouldn’t use the crow collar on him, or any rooster. He will settle down once his hormones are no longer running amok. We have a rooster that is about that same age, and he is very protective over his girls. He also uses his crow to get our attention. If he wants more food, attention, or someone knocked over the water dish (doesn’t happen anymore, we got a better one) or dirtied the water where he was displeased with it, he will crow until we go out back to check on everything. He also crows in response to other roosters he can hear in the area. Crowing is simply part of having a rooster, and it is important to allow them to use their voice. I am assuming your area allows roosters, and you are not trying to keep him quiet to hide him. We had a neighbor do that at a previous residence, and we gladly kept their chicken secret.

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