We have a flock of 12 chickens that are a little over 2 months old. They have a portable playpen, a permanent run and we let them run the whole yard quite often. The other night, the chicks were having a good time running free outside their run. Suddenly, Maggie Mae runs away from the rest of the group with something in her mouth. They do this when they find treasure because the other chicks will chase the chick with the goodie down and force them to share. Since we’d been doing some construction in the back yard lately, I chased Maggie down just to make sure she didn’t have something that was bad for her. We try to be super careful, but you never know. When I finally caught up with her, I realized that she had a baby snake in her mouth….which she slurped down like a piece of spaghetti! Is this normal? Rain, our Lavender Orpington, is our bat crap crazy chicken. Do we have 2? lol