Shouldn’t she be laying?!?

All my chickens are 6 1/2 months (besides 3) and are not laying eggs. I have a large place for them to lay eggs, a nice sized area for them all to roam and still no eggs. I have 2 Wyandotte’s, 2 pure ameraucanas girls, 2 Orpingtons, a Leghorn, a welsummer, a olive egger, a deleware, and a sapphire gem that should be laying soon. My cuckoo maran has looked like this for about 3 or 4 weeks and squats whenever I get near her.


My Wyandotte’s both look like this and 90% of the flock has been squatting. They are in an area that they cannot hide the eggs and I have put an egg that we got from the grocery store in the coop to see if they would eat it and they did not. I give them calcium and do a mix of chick food and layer feed.


Sapphire Gem:


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