Silkie chicks stringy poop, lethargy

I’m gonna start off by saying I live in a very hot, humid climate. My chicks are all inside, none of my flock has contact with outside birds, I hatch my own eggs.

During their first few days, my chicks get medicated water…

  • RuViOtic (penicillin/dihydrostreptomycin/nutrient mix)
  • Avefenicol (sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim)
  • A bit of sugar

I keep this in the fridge to prevent bacterial growth and syringe them some every couple of hours. They also have a dish with plain water, and eat plain chick starter crumbles mixed with some plain turkey starter crumbles since they live with some button and coturnix quail as well. I was having great results with this system until this latest batch of chicks.

I noticed they kept stepping into their water bowl and then screaming because they were wet. I didn’t worry too much since all the chicks I’ve had have done that, just patted them off, but then one of them became a bit lethargic though still eating w/normal poops. I upped the medicated waterings but he kept eating so I wasn’t too concerned until that evening I found him trodden into the bedding by the other chicks, took him out and watered him but he died shortly after.

Now one of my other chicks seem to be beginning with that same lethargy, although not as bad as the other one. He’s still mostly normal. He started to get pasty butt but I cleaned him off and then he drank a ton of the medicated water (of his own volition, I gave him a capful of it) and then settled down. Only I noticed some of his poops are… well suffice it to say I thought it was his guts he’d pooped out at first, it’s like a long slimy greenish or tan string, but I took some paper and determined it is definitely poop and not guts.

I also noticed one of my two adult hens not moving around a lot, but it may well be that she’s going broody seeing as how her sister is broody too. Her poops are normal, her color is good, she eats and drinks, she doesn’t droop or anything, just likes to lie in a corner like she’s sitting on a nest. Her crop is full and squishy to the touch same as the chicks’. If I’m not completely satisfied she’s normal, we are heading to the vet Wednesday.

As a side note, it appears one of the healthy chicks was trodden into the damn WATER bowl by another chick, I found him weak, wet and lying on his back beside it. Not sure why he didn’t get up himself? Anyway I washed off the gunked-up water/food with warm water, dried him off then put a hot water bag inside a shirt and put him next to it to warm up. His strength seems to have come back fairly quickly as soon as he got warm again, he’s now standing and moving around so I’m hopeful he’s healthy. I don’t want to lose any more chicks. Any help, please?

I don’t know if I missed any information but I will be closely watching this thread and anything I missed you can let me know <3 thanks in advance!

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