Silkie Cross Rooster

Hello everyone

First time posting here, but not a first time visitor. I love reading the threads and learning so much about raising my little flock. You all have so much collective knowledge that I’m hoping you can help me.

Back in June I got a young bantam rooster. The breeder told me he was a Silkie cross but didn’t know what he was crossed with!

Please meet Cornelius. He won’t stand still for photos so apologies in advance for the poor quality. He’s about 6 months old now and just finding his voice. He’s super friendly and is especially good friends with the other rooster I have (thought it was a girl but that’s another story lol). Once thing I did notice was that he has a pretty unusual comb somewhere between a V shape and a rose.

Any suggestions as to his breed combination would be great. Thanks for your help 😁🐓

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