Single duck with chicken flock?

So, I had ducks growing up and they were the sweetest pets. I adored them, and they me, and everything was amazing. This winter, I got two as day old ducklings, to add to my flock of 6 chickens. I was so excited! I was excited for duck eggs and duck shenanigans and all things duck! Turned out that instead of getting 2 females, we had one male and one female. Fast forward to now, and honestly – we cannot stand the female. She is the loudest thing I have ever experienced. Mine never made this much noise as a kid! It is obscene! We cannot even open our window and she starts quacking, incessantly, so loudly that people 2 streets over can hear her (And do complain). She wakes our neighbors up at the crack of dawn. She chases anyone that goes outside all around the yard, quacking as loudly as any animal ever. She’s mean to the dogs and bullies the chickens. I do not get rid of pets. Ever. But I cannot keep this animal. She has ruined our outdoor experience – lounging out back and enjoying the flock happenings is no longer possible. Half of my garden is dying because I don’t want to go out there and water. My question is: can I rehome her and just keep the drake? He is so sweet and quiet, he’s good with the kids and dogs and chickens. Would it be wrong to separate them? Would the drake be ok living with a flock of hens would it just break his heart? I ask because I know that rehoming female ducks is way easier than a pair, or a male, and I would hate for someone to take them only to separate and potentially mistreat or butcher him. I’m not particularly attached to him, but he is so quiet and unobtrusive that everyone would be perfectly happy with him around. Advice/thoughts?

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