We have our egg flock and occasionally incubate a batch of eggs for meat. we raise jumbo browns, but pretty much by accident got some blue egg layers and others along the way. That’s ok, they all taste the same — deeeee-lish!!!

the glory of these wonderful little birds is that they are approximately 2 months from egg-to-egg or egg-to-table. 17 days of incubation, then ready to process after another 6 weeks of high-protein feed. Our current batch heads for the freezer on Saturday.

I’m not a huge eater so one is a meal for me. My husband and son eat 1-2 each. Soooo good grilled or roasted. The eggs are also really good for cooking and baking.

if you can handle butchering chickens, quail should be no problem. They’re easier and faster IMO. The first time is the hardest, and remember we’re all here to support you if you need it.