You might’ve just made it worse. You made him fear you, you may have seriously injured him, and now he sees you as a threat. He will attack anyone, or anything, he sees as a threat, so he won’t stop. You two will probably never have a good relationship again, probably not even a decent one. I’m not trying to judge you on how you handled the situation, but it wasn’t a very smart way to do it. At this point, it would be better if you either rehomed or culled him if you can’t handle his aggression. There isn’t much you can do to stop it anymore, sorry to be a downer. Fighting back isn’t a good way to stop aggression, in a lot of cases it is the cause of aggression. But, he isn’t my rooster, and I can’t stop you from doing whatever you want with him. I’ve found positive reinforcement and love is there best way to handle aggression, like what you would do with a puppy or a small child. Show him being nice gets him treats, but being mean doesn’t get him anything. Simply ignoring him when he is aggressive and walking away can teach him you don’t want to fight, and eventually he’ll stop. But, at this point, I don’t even know if that would work for you.

A lot of people see roosters as things you can just be aggressive back to, and then they get upset when the rooster continues to be aggressive. Fighting fire with fire won’t work, it just makes the fire burn brighter. In the pecking order, lower down roosters fight the top rooster to become the head. Showing him you are the boss makes you the top rooster, and he wants to be the top rooster. Of course, you could also just cull him, but as he has a name I’m assuming he is a pet.

My tip, unless you start training him without being aggressive, he won’t stop being mean. Having a nice roo is amazing, but being aggressive won’t get you one.

Sorry this post was a bit blunt, but I couldn’t find a softer way to write it. I don’t mean to be rude, and if any of this comes off as such I am deeply sorry.