Triple Emergencies!!! Help help help

Okay so i have 3 big problems rn.
So I went to collect the eggs and noticed my 10 year old barred rock chicken combs was in a weird position on the ground, looking very tired, breathing irregular, and the position she had was almost like she wanted to lay an egg. Her crop was empty so I took her to the food but she ran back to the coop. I figured I would check back later and went to get ms. Green. She gets fed every day at lunch and dinner, it’s a special blend I make to help her because she has ascites (water belly) and it seems like the only thing that helps keep her alive most days because she doesn’t eat on her own. So I’m feeding her, all is normal and then she starts making gurgle noises in her stomach. I didn’t think much of it seeing she does noises like that sometimes before a bad poo. Also her crop felt really hardy already which is super unusual for her but I was happy. Next thing I know she’s throwing up a yolk like liquid. i stop feeding her immediate, put her back and check on combs again. She’s on the nest in pain and unable to lay an egg. My next move was to soak Combs in warm epson salt water. After a long while of that I let her go back in the coop. She gets on the nest and is still trying to lay an egg. She’s in pain, I can tell. She’s making lots of hurt noise and breathing heavy. While I grimice watching her like that in the egg box Ms. Green is under the egg box throwing up more yellow liquid till her crop is empty. I gave Ms. Green some olive oil.
I don’t know what else to do for them. They are both really special chickens.

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