I am going to have a bake sale, quarantine edition, with a friend to raise money to donate to the red cross to help with fire relief efforts on the west coast. A quarantine edition bake sale looks like this:
-Make a menu (items and pricing)
-Go door to door, with masks, and take orders. In increments of 6 (maybe 3 on some things) because most recipes are for 1 dozen, and it is easier to halve or double the recipe than to third it or make a tiny bit. Also to avoid losing money by making a whole recipe and selling 1 cupcake out of 24.
-Bake everything wearing gloves and masks so as to avoid contamination
-Deliver everything with each order individually plastic wrapped on a recyclable or compostable plate (most likely recyclable because most people’s backyard compost can’t handle bigger stuff like composting facilities can)
We need to know what people would be interesting in eating! So far our list of menu options includes:
-Choc. Chip Cookies
-Cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate, with the opposite frosting)
-sugar cookies
We can’t go tooooo overboard on the menu, but suggestions both on the execution of the bake sale and the menu items would be appreciated.