Cream legbars

Looks like 3 girls to me.

As for taming them – a hungry bird is a motivated bird.

On days when you have time, instead of giving them a whole bowl of food, feed them small amounts (whatever they will eat in 5 minutes with nothing left over) at regular intervals.

In the beginning, pour the small amount of food and then give them lots of space to be comfortable enough to eat- whatever that ends up being.

Make the “regular intervals” whatever amount of time they start to want to eat what you put down right away. If you put the food down and they ignore it, it hasn’t been long enough.

The point is to have them view your comings and goings as all good things for them. No reaching to pet- just BE. As they start to go for the food even when you’re close to it- because they’ve learned you’re going to give them food without doing anything suspicious, just enjoy being in that space – no hands, no reaching, no stress.

Water wise- this is going to sound stupidly silly, but … Get a pitcher. Fill their water dish from the pitcher every time you come and go. Chickens LOVE running water – I’ve had the shy ones who can’t resist the water flowing out of the pitcher into the dish rush over and drink from the pitcher spout while I pour.

Eventually all mine love the hose and follow me from water station to water station, but a hose might be too much just now for the newbies.

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