Which is easier?

I am not sure a shed or building your own would be a good start for someone only wants to get started with a c

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I am not sure a shed or building your own would be a good start for someone only wants to get started with a couple of chickens, in a backyard setting, to see if they like it.

We are all assuming they will like it because we all do!! :D But let's be honest, chickens aren't for everyone or everyone would be doing it!

Here is my 1 cent (I lost the other sense a long time ago!)...

- Working with wood, saws, and building things is intimidating to someone who has never done it and doesn't have anyone to show them how. So I don't recommend jumping into a build on your own unless you are prepared

- Plastic has some big advantages such as ease of cleaning, lightweight, etc. The big downside, it's a lot more difficult to improve or add on to later, and once it deteriorates it's toast.

- If you cannot cut wood, have no tools, and no means to get wood home. I do not recommend building a coop, even a small one. It's not as easy as youtube makes it out to be!

- What you posted would work to get started in my opinion. You would want to make sure to predator proof it, so nothing could lift it, etc.

- For 3 birds, most of the large (or xlarge) prefab coops will work. You will be maxing them out though, even if the prefab coop says it holds 6 or 10, it will only really hold 3-4. The advantage to a prefab coop is, it's delivered in a box with all wood pre-cut, all parts there, directions included. Most grade schoolers can put one together (I can attest that I completed one without much issue!). The downside is the cost, they can be hit or miss on quality (seems like a lot of miss), and if you want to expand your flock, you can't without building another, expanding that one, or putting in a lot of work one way or another.

- Doghouse + dog run enclosure + bird netting (the same thing as the links you've posted) = likely the cheapest, easiest option. Seems like people are always giving away dog houses for free.

- I believe the best option, a lot of times, is to build your own or turn a shed into a coop, but in this case I'm not convinced.

If you look around here at coop pics you will see everything from the nicest Chick Majal to the ghetto-fabulous-est of conglomerations. In they end, the need to be dry, draft free, and safe from predators, that's what matters :)

Good luck, keep us updated on your progress!

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