Yolk outside of shell/ soft shells

Hey everyone!About 3 weeks ago I was given an isa brown hen she had just reached laying age and I named her pe

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Hey everyone!
About 3 weeks ago I was given an isa brown hen she had just reached laying age and I named her penny. I have 2 other chooks however they are not at laying age, anyway, I’ve ran into a problem that might not be drastic but I’m still worried. Yesterday when I went out to check on penny and see if she had layed I noticed something slimy next to her food bowl. Upon closer inspection I realised it was her egg, the shell was a leathery soft sack and the yolk was in a white sack of its own( I will attach pictures). I looked online and after about 10 minutes I decided my safest option was the vet. They didn’t give me any information on what I could do for her, all they said was that she wasn’t egg bound and to bring her back on Wednesday to see an exotic vet. I bought shell grits( I read it could be calcium related) in hopes to fix the problem. This morning I waited for her to lay. She walked around the yard with her feathers fluffed until about 1 o’clock. Then she layed. This time she layed in her box the shell was still incredibly weak but it was holding the shape of an egg. I picked it up and instantly noticed a hole, there was nothing in the egg and I couldn’t find signs of yolk anywhere just a lot of egg white. I’m documenting this partly because I need written documentation of what happened but mostly for advice. I could tell that the vet who saw my bird didn’t really know what to do but she also didn’t give me any advice on what I could do or get for her. So please if anyone has seen anything like this please reach out to me and let me know what you think is happening. Every single bit of help counts

Pics attached-
The egg in my hand was the first egg
Her laying in the grass was how she was sitting around all morning before she layed
The egg in the box is the one from today, I did not get a pic of the hole

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