Any reptile lovers here!?

I didn’t used to be a huge fan of them although I always thought they were cool. Anyway, I’ve recently been researching a lot and now I love them :lau

Thought I would start a thread so I don’t clog up or hijack any other threads rambling about them. :lau :oops:

I tried to find other reptile threads before starting my own but I couldn’t find any active ones. Most were from at least a few years ago. And this section of the forum in particular just doesn’t really seem to be very active lately. But I figured I would try. So I’m starting this one.

Anyway, any reptile lovers out there!? I know there have to be some!

Feel free to post pictures of your animals or list what you have or whatever! :D

Oh and also since I know a lot of reptile owners own both, you can post your amphibians and/or insects and/or hermit crabs too if you own any or whatever. All creepy crawlies and slitheries welcome. :)

But yeah.

I myself am hoping to eventually get a crested gecko, leopard gecko, bearded dragon, corn snake, or all of the above. :lau


Post away! :D